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[K12OSN] LTSP on W2K boot menu

OK Got it.

I do not have a LTS here but using the following procedures I have the
choice of 

Windows 2000

Choosing K12LTSP results in the familiar verbiage:

Rom segment... etc.
Etherboot... etc.
etc, etc...
Searching for server (DHCP)...


Insert dos boot disk
at the A:\ prompt
enter sys c:

Reboot with W2K cd or install floppies.

choose R to repair

Repair only the Windows boot sector. Do not choose to inspect the
registry files, the Windows system files, or the Windows boot
environment during this procedure.

After you repair the Windows boot sector, you need to manually edit the
Boot.ini file to include an option to boot to MS-DOS. The Boot.ini file
is a read-only, hidden, system file that is located in the root folder
of the boot drive. Add the following line to the Boot.ini file under the
operating systems section:

Get yournic.com from rom-o-matic and drop it in C:\

While in C:\ Create an autoexec.bat file with one line indicating the
name of your rom-o-matic .com image

I renamed mine to 3c905.com to stay within the dos 8.3 naming




PS. Thanks for delurking Bruno, your Win 98 instructions led me to

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