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Re: [K12OSN] Openbrick Thin Clients

Op wo 18-12-2002, om 01:58 schreef Steve Wright:

> >
> I have not tried them, sorry.  But I looked at the price, and I can buy 
> cheaper here in New Zealand, and in a much nicer case too..  so I didn't 
> look at them any further.  I like the idea of open hardware - and there 
> is so little of it, so I congratulate them on their efforts.
> Perhaps I am out of date, and I should re-check the price.

Ah, yeah, I agree totally that the price is to high, I can almost
configure a standard PC for that, but on the other hand, look at wise or
any other TC producer and they are up in the Euro 500-700 for rather
simple machines. I'm abit disgusted by it...Still one needs strong
performance to run a full blown LTSP Gnome desktop.
Wat sort of gear can you get at kiwi land? I might import if it's better

I'm implementing LTSP for a small school on a budget, 40 TC's, but hey, ofcourse they want all :)

> I thought there was some success with these ?? 
Yes, for low profile usage they are fine.


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