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[K12OSN] Quotas?

On the LTSP... I'm trying to enable quotas for my users... perhaps I'm
doing osmething wrong or there is something I'm missing in the LTSP..
but I enabled quotas on the filesystem and then ran:
edquota -g tech
(to edit the group quota for the group "tech")
I get this: (in the editor)

Disk quotas for group tech (gid 500):
  Filesystem                   blocks       soft       hard   inodes    
  /dev/md0                      46184          0          0    

Which to me, at least, looks more like the output of the quota command
to see how much you've used....   If I try to edit this it gives me an
invalid format error... Shouldn't what I"m seeing look more like this:

Edit block and inode quota for user matth:
Device /dev/hda1 (/):
Used 4724KB, limits: soft=10000 hard=100000
Used 18 inodes, limits: soft=0 hard=0

What might I have done wrong.. anyone else experienced this?

Matt Hoppes
ChiliTech Internet Solutions
Network Operations Center
(570) 323-2166 x 126

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