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Re: [K12OSN] Openbrick Thin Clients

Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:

	I have a bunch of ThinkNics, 20+ Jammin-125 and a load of
self-builds based on VIA Eden. The Jammins are the cutest, the ThinkNics
are just fine, but the graphics are fuzzy in auto mode and you have to
select Xvesa to get usable text - this is a hassle, but not much of it.
The VIA based boxes run very well, do 1280x1024 and have just one quirk:
you *have* to use SWcursor. The cost in US dollars is $325 for Jammin,
$250 for ThinkNic and the self-builds come at $185 with a nice small case
or $140 with a frumpy minitower case. julius

Thanks Julius.

It is the same here in NZ. The difference is, an 18" flat panel will set me back US$1000.. at least..

The little cases are more expensive, as well, but very nice.

A fanless PSU plus fanless CPU would be just nice.. quiet and cool..

anyway, I'm not possibly in 'buying mode' - wish I was..

regards, Steve

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