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Re: [K12OSN] Thin client setup

Turner wrote:

Hi Keith Turner here from Christchurch New Zealand. I have the opportunity to obtain, at a very reasonable price, some NCD Explora 451 Thin Client machines.

These are PowerPC based. In a brief attempt to log them into the terminal server tonight we found they could obtain an IP address, after we had configured their network card MAC address into the config file but they then failed to go past this point in terms of logging in.

Hi Keith. I'm in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty.

K12LTSP is not setup to boot PPC terminals. That does not mean it cannot, in fact, all the bits are there as I understand it.

If you look in the directory /opt/ltsp/ directory, you will see the /i386/ directory. From what I can see, all we need is an /opt/ltsp/ppc/ directory, and the appropriate ppc terminal image loaded there, as has been done for the i386 terminals.

I'm busy right now, but someone may suggest an option for you with regards to this.

I am also very interested in your terminals, and how you acquired them. Perhaps there is more terminals I can access, or if you don't take them I might follow it up. Perhaps I can call you about this..


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