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Re: [K12OSN] FWD: would this work as a thin client?

Jim Thomas wrote:
> james miller wrote:
> >
> > Hello all. I'm pretty new to Linux and to the LTSP project, but I ran across
> > something on the web for really cheap ($12.95!) and wondered if it could work
> > as a thin client.
> Although it wouldn't work as an LTSP terminal, it would be a good
> foundation for a science fair project a la
> http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us/linux/toaster/
> I'm tempted to buy one just to take it apart and play with it.

Maybe I spoke too soon.  If you follow the link James gave us 
( http://www.softwareandstuff.com/h_misc_webpal.html )
you'll find a link near the bottom about getting linux to run on the
WebPal.  Cruising through there reveals a large community of webpal
"hackers" (and I use that term in the good sense).  People have managed
to get linux running on these AND ETHERNET (but with an ISA nic meaning
10Mbit instead of 100).

The other major downside is that the VGA is capable only of 640x480 (and
it doesn't come with a monitor).

So - although this won't make an ideal LTSP terminal, the best use of
the Webpal  probably is as an LTSP terminal.

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