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Re: [K12OSN] Re:thin client newbie

Nicholas Chovanes wrote:

Hi All,

I am setting up  a thin client lab in our Library as my first foray into
thin clienting, so forgive my ignorance. I am hoping to use 8 Netvista 2200
thin client boxes hooked up to  our old generic server. I was going to run
LTSP 3.0........................thoughts, suggestions?????


Julius has hinted that these terminals are not plug-and-play. If you have Linux experience and time to expend, they will probably work - in time. I have no knowledge of these clients.

With regards to re-using your existing Server, it is entirely possible that this hardware will not function as an LTSP server due to it lacking in certain specifications.

For only eight clients, you will be able to do 'proof-of-concept' with almost any modern Server Hardware, but to have useable desktops for eight logged-in users... well, that is a different story.

If you post the specifications of this machine, we can comment further.

kind regards, Steve

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