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[K12OSN] RE: sourceforge thin-client project

Slight update from the last posting:

WAN services:

1.)  *Thin-Client Services for Linux.*  This might include any and all
      software to boot and set preferences for the terminals, entirely
      separate from the Servers that provide the Application Environment.
      That project would be free to concentrate on issues such as increasing
      the capability of the network as a whole by focusing on issues relevant
      to that, such as load-balancing.

2.)  *Authentication services* this would be an LDAP server combined with
      a Samba PDC using the LDAP database that could be used to authenticate
      students anywhere on the network.  This would take quite a bit of work to
      get right, but we could probably make it quite a bit better than Active

3.)  *File-sharing services* a machine which provides home directories and
      shared filesystems for users.  Exported via Samba, Netatalk, and NFS.
      Also configurable through the GUI to automatically add home directories 
	as users first log in.

4.)  *A dedicated firewall appliance,* of which there is plenty to choose 
	from, vis IPCop, SME.  Should be able to use permissions from the LDAP
	server to control internet access.  May also include a proxy server.

5.)  *A dedicated mail server* of which there is plenty to choose from.
      This should include IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support, authentication would 
	be via the LDAP database.  Should include SPAM filtering by default.

6.)  *A dedicated web server* Apache properly configured to serve intranet
      and student/staff personal web pages.  Should interface with the file
	sharing server and database server (mysql_mod?) if present.

7.)  *A dedicated database server* such as MySQL.  Databases are being used
      in more and more classes.  Having access to a MySQL database with a
      MyPHP, webmin or an equivalent setup utility should be planned for.
	This should also access the LDAP server for credentials, and interface
	with the webserver.

8.)  *A dedicated print server* that can redirect print jobs to the proper
      printer anywhere on the network.  CUPS based(?), so the printers can
      be set up once on the network and then function from any workstation

9.)  *A dedicated network Virus scanner*  This server should default to the 
	use of openantivirus.org antivirus solutions, or allow the choice	of 
	major network antivirus software.  It should plug in seamlessly with 
	the mail server (scan email), proxy server (scan as you brows), and
	file sharing server (scan on access, or on write).  This server should
	also be able to perform full scans of each server on the network at 
	predetermined intervals.

LAN services

1.)  *An install-time customizable Software Distribution-Set for Schools*,
      of which there is already a large selection.  Should be able to include
      WAN services 1-9 for single server installs or custom installs.

2.)  *Dedicated application server* should include options for running the most
      common applications that are a drain on the general use server, or that
      may be prone to crashing it, such as wine/crossover/win-apps, GIMP, OOo,
      Mozella, programming tools, etc.

3.)  *Yellow Dog Linux Client image* for booting Macs as Xterminals. 
	[would it make more sense to ask Apple if we could redistribute a cut down
	7.x system image that launches MI/X?]

Steven Santos

Email : Steven StevenSantos com 
Web   : www.stevensantos.com
Postal: PO Box 620753
        Newton, Ma. 02462

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