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Re: [K12OSN] how to configure USB modem on terminal

vcare wrote:

I want to give access to my some users by giving them Modem on their
diskless terminals.
I don't want to configure squid proxy on my server , cause server is not
connected to internet.

Can i access modem attached to my terminal ? Can i dial out ?

I am trying to use USB as well as normal modem.

if yes which USB modem will work?

All things will work, eventually. This is Linux.

However, not all things are safe, and allowing a modem to have dialout priviledge from inside your network is not a safe thing to do at all.

Do not do this.

You do not need squid proxy. Plug the modem into the server, and let your users run KPPP to dialout. Now you can set safe firewall settings for your network.

BTW, Gurus, is there a way I can detect if someone on the LAN also has a modem connected outwards ?


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