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[K12OSN] BOCHS 2.0 Released

BOCHS, THE CROSS PLATFORM IA-32 EMULATOR just tonight released version
2.0--2x faster then the previous version is listed as one of the major
changes.  (See the changelog for more infomration:

If your not familiar with this project, it is an x86 PC emulator. Check it
out at:


Great testbed, and/or facility for running the ever-popular Windows OSes &
applications on your Linux system.  But you can do much more with it (just
check out the documentation).  Excellent opensource project, and something
worthwhile for K12OSN admins to look in to, IMHO...

If your not convinced, just take a look at the screenshots:


Disk images available for many popular (free/GPL) operating systems
(Windows is not one of them of course, but the docs cover installing
Windows into a BOCHS.  Of course you would need a Windows license to do


James Jensen

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