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Re: [K12OSN] Thin client setup

On Wednesday 18 Dec 2002 10:32 pm, Turner wrote:
> Hi Keith Turner here from Christchurch New Zealand.  I have the
> opportunity to obtain, at a very reasonable price, some NCD Explora 451
> Thin Client machines.
Have a look at the NCD thin client howto - its a bit dated though:

You might also want to checkout the NCD site.

LTSP will provide most of what you need (TFTP, a properly setup X "server"), 
and definitely should work with this terminal,  but the terminal needs to 
boot from a boot image provided by NCD (it should come with the terminal) - 
the standard LTSP configuration (where the terminals get a linux kernel from 
the server then run XFree86) wont (easily) work for you.

It should be possible to get Linux to run on one of these things as well (I 
understand the kernel at least supports it), so it might be possible to come 
up with a "purely linux" solution as well if you cant find the NCD disks.

Jonathon Sim <sim zeald com> Network Administrator/Developer Zeald Ltd
JabberID: sim jabber com

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