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Re: [K12OSN] Firewall


First of all: I´m not in SMOOTHWALL team, just a HAPPY USER...

> There are issues with smoothwall.  Firstly, the non-GPL version is quite
> expensive, and support for it, to put it it mildly, will be very

I have NO problems at all with smoothwall. And just use the GPL version,
with FREE support and updates.
Do you see how long has been the last update to IPCop ? I saw his web site
right now just to be sure: July 05 2002! Or it´s a GREAT product or a very
great piece of sh**t because you don´t updated it!

> I am told the GPL version of smoothwall is rather out of date, and is
> not supported, or to put it more succintly, is available, but you won't
> like it.

What is out of date in Smoothwall? The kernel (2.2.x) ? I don´t think I have
to use to LAST kernel to have something that works!

If it´s this your problem, just choose the BETA version (smoothwall 2 beta 2
= bullet) it´s based on kernel 2.4 and have a lot of new features.

> It is unfortunate that I cannot reveal more information about the
> negatives of smoothwall, but I would definately suggest you gave this
> one a miss.  Perhaps others on the list will elaborate.

I have been using smoothwall for a year now and couldn´t disocover anything
that do not recommend it.
I think you could explain yourself in details directly to my e-mail (if you
don´t want to do here at this public lists!): jader A_T brturbo D_O_T com

Hey! I´m just talking about something I believe... show me the truth and
I´ll be at your side!

Merry Christmas!


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