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Re: [K12OSN] Firewall

> Jáder
> FWIW, IPCop just released 1.2pre5a.iso on 12/14
> Seems to be a reasonably active project.

My mistake! I just used the www.ipcop.org site... not the sourceforge site!
AND IPCop was just a plain and simple copy of Smoothwall. There is no new
things in IPcop since that guys just use GPL to get code from Smoothwall.

> I have used/tried IPCop, Smoothwall, SME, and ClarkConnect as firewalls. I
> prefer CC of the 4. You may be very happy with Smoothwall, but there is a
> lot of bad energy out there surrounding this distribution.

I´m really happy with Smoothwall... and cannot feel that bad energy around
this distro... but just imagine about what energy a project can have when it
"borrow" code from another and do not give them ANY credits!

I don´t know about ClarkConnect (never heard about!) so I´ll check... but I
really need a free firewall (just small networks: <=10 computers at SOHO
market is my target!)



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