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Re: [K12OSN] BOCHS 2.0 Released

You are seeing the same errors that I got under RH 7.3.

You can find a RedHat RPM on rpmfind.net for two of the needed .so files,
the last one comes from a Mandrake RPM and it didn't work out for me.

I just did an upgrade of my RH 7.3 (LTSP) install to 8.0.  I just now
attempted the BOCHS 2.0 installation and it's calling for the same files:


You can find the first two files in the RH 6.2 RPM:

The last file is found at:

I saw a note that said to try installing BOCHS 2.0 with --nodeps, but that
did not work for me either...

Well, hopefully this gets resolved by the BOCHS folks or someone else
smarter then me soon! ;-)

James Jensen

--- Bert Rolston <bert rolston clear net nz> wrote:
> Hi James,
> I downloaded this the other day to play with.
> > I have the Windows version of BOCHS 2.0 so I will give that a go this
> > evening or tommorrow.  It's a total pain that 2.0 won't load for RH
> 7.3. 
> > I'm sure that "problem" won't last long.
> I got an error message in the Gnome RPM program, apparently there are a
> couple of libraries I didn't have. They were related to SVGA stuff.
> Could you expand on the RH 7.3 problem, that's the version I'm using
> now.
> I wanted to see if it was a viable alternative to Win4Lin, especially if
> it runs the NT \ 2K OS which Win4Lin won't.
> Thanks,
> Bert

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