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[K12OSN] Wal-Mart's $199 System (Quickly) Reviewed

Got one of these for my kids for Christmas.  Came with Lindows.  I've never
seen Lindows before, but suffice it to say I detest it.  Even for a new
Linux user I would much rather recommend RedHat 8.0.

Where's the source?  I wanna know.  It looks to me that it's based on
Debian, so where's the source?  A topic for another day?

All I wanted was what they [Lindows] had been proposing, to run a few
simple Windows applications (edutainment games for the boys).  It wouldn't.
 I suppose that I could have loaded up another distro of my choice and used
my old "subscription" Transgaming WineX binaries to get them running but I
had no time for it.

Ended up loading an old (LICENSED) copy of Win95 on it (credit to Gigabyte
Motherboards for maitaining drivers for the GA-6VEML board that came with
the system).  All is well.  The kids have a nice relatively speedy "gaming"
box (and I have antoher Linux test box when they aren't using it ;-)

My take on the hardware is, it cannot be beat for the price.  I don't
believe Wal-Mart offers this $199 box anymore which is a real shame.  A
great entry level system for anyone, 800MHZ Via C3 processor (64K cache),
10GB ATA100 HDD, 128MB Ram, RealTek 10/100 NIC, Trident Blade 3D video,
etc.  Very nice for the price and a good value for schools looking for new
(budget) client systems, IMO...

Once I get BOCHS 2.0 working, out goes the Windoze partition, in goes
GNU/Linux+BOCHS 2.0+Win95+WinApps and all will be right with the world! ;-)

If not I see a Win4Lin purchase on the horizon...

Heck, if I am not mistaken, the myPHP folks run their site off of one of

Well, Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas folks,

James Jensen

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