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Re: [K12OSN] Wal-Mart's $199 System (Quickly) Reviewed

> Heck, if I am not mistaken, the myPHP folks run their site off of one
> these...
If you're talking about us Ruffdogs, ther myPHPNuke guys, you are right.
We have had at different times, various high profile websites running on
one of these boxes at the end of a cable connection, just to demonstrate
the power of Linux. :-)

Currently we are running a number of smaller websites on this box and
watching performance. If you'd like to see, you can see the box from any
of these websites.


The box gets bogged down abit when there is a lot of database accessing
going on, but mostly thats it.

We have tested it as a webserver, a mail server, an ftp server, and a
IPSEC vpn. Not much bad to say about them really . . . well, as long as
they're running Linux that is. :-)


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