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[K12OSN] Re: [Ltsp-discuss] Query unsovled

   I do not know how you would enable the modems on the client to be used with LTSP. I would be infinitely easier to install the modem(s) in the server and have the clients access the Net that way. Simply set up dial-on-demand like you would with any
normal Linux box.

  Remember that when using the workstations as thin clients everything (more or less) is happening on the server. While I am sure that it *could* be done the process of routing packets destined for the Internet through the client would be rather

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vcare wrote:
> Merry Christmas
> My query is unsolved , i want to configure Modem on my discloses
> workstation , so i can give power users to browse the internet.
> Help me on this
> Regards
> Dinesh K
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