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Re: [K12OSN] Re: [Ltsp-discuss] Query unsovled

Henning Petersen Wangerin wrote:

I have some some remote-control-equipment that I'd like to be able to
use under a ltsp-client.

Right now I have access to it from my personal workstation, but would
like to give some of my users the ability to move the controler to
their (ltsp-)ws and work with it, but there is the problem again -
haow do I get acces to the serial port on the client?

Is your personal workstation running Linux ? If so, simply install the remote-control-equipment and configure it on the LTSP Server, and your job is done. To run the remote-control-equipment from your workstation, simply SSH to the server. If you would like it to be a single-click, then write a little script that does the ssh command for you, and put a link to it on your desktop.

The Terminals will run the Application as if it /was/ on their Terminal..

Remember that when using the workstations as thin clients everything (more or less) is happening on the server. While I am sure that it

I've been thinging of making a setup with the app as a local app, but most of my ws are very small (Pentium 166 as the max) so I don't think that's a good idea ;-)

... and no other terminals can access it either.

Put everything on the Server, or add another Linux box to ssh to.

HTH, Steve

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