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[K12OSN] Bocshs in Linux...


Blow by blow set of instructions for Bochs...

The biggest thing that took me a little while to get going was the ne2k nic emulation. There is an option that can be used to enable the nic in ./configure...

#root>cat .bash_history | grep ./configure ...

./configure --enable-ne2000 --enable-dc2300-vlb-ide --enable-guest2host-tlb --enable-repeat-speedups --enable-icache --enable-host-specific-asms --enable-vbe --enable-mmx --enable-cdrom

I think that these options were the ones that I used last...

After this, you need to set up an iso of your second most favorite OS...

dd if=/dev/cdrom1 of=/home/jim/winnt40-326-xxxxxxx.img

Use bximage to create a repository for your soon to be growing virtual disk and insert the line it spits out into the bochsrc and replace my line starting with:ata0-master: type=disk, path="c.img",...

And make a bochsrc config file...

[jim christiansen jim]$ cat bochsrc

# Set aside the RAM for bochs and make sure you have enough RAM left over for your system.
# Type "cat /proc/meminfo" at the prompt to find out how much RAM you have.
megs: 256

# Filename of ROM images go here. Be sure to check your installation for the location
# of these two files (type: man find). Paths must be absolute.
romimage: file=bios/BIOS-bochs-latest, address=0xf0000
vgaromimage: bios/VGABIOS-elpin-2.40

# Floppies are commented out, but you may need them later.
floppya: 1_44=/dev/fd0, status=inserted
# floppyb: 1_44=/home/jim/win98/floppyb.img, status=inserted

# Cylinder, head, and spt info taken from bximage program output
ata0-master: type=disk, path="c.img", cylinders=1625, heads=16, spt=63

# If you ran the following command:
#   you can use the CD-ROM image on your hard drive:
cdromd: dev=/home/jim/winnt40-326-xxxxxxx.iso, status=inserted

# Optionally, if you have your Windows 98 CD in the drive
#   you can uncomment the next line, but the installation
#   process will be slower.
#   cdromd: dev=/dev/cdrom, status=inserted

#doesn't work---> realtime_pit: 1

ne2k: ioaddr=0x280, irq=9, mac=b0:c4:20:00:00:00, ethmod=linux, ethdev=eth0

#ips: 1000000
newharddrivesupport: enabled=1

user_shortcut: keys=ctrlaltdel

# choose the boot disk.
boot: disk

# where do we send log messages?
log: bochsout.txt

# enable mouse
mouse: enabled=1

# enable SB16
sb16: midimode=1, midi=/dev/midi00, wavemode=1, wave=/dev/dsp, loglevel=2, log=sb16.log, dmatimer=600000

Now change your memory allocation to something that will work with your system, set boot to the cd iso, and run the bochs bin as root, if you want the nic to work. Also, you need to remember that the needs boot needs to get changed after initial install...

Hum, what else to add... I haven't checked to see if the sound works yet.
Don't bother to ping your host box to test the nic... pick on another computer! Your host will be unreachable unless you set up nat and forwarding on the host.
Set the irq in the client to match my io and irq in the bochsrc script...

This ought to do it ;-)

If anyone can get the ruddy win2k going, please drop me a note.

Merry Christmas Everyone,


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