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[K12OSN] Re: K12OSN digest, Vol 1 #674 - 12 msgs

>On Thu, 26 Dec 2002, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
>> I am not sure about "better", but I wonder how you order at TigerDirect.
>> The site seems to be broken: at the last click before order commit when
>> you use anything but IE. I just refuse to buy from the obdurate morons.
>> julius
>> On Thu, 26 Dec 2002, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
>> > TigerDirect sells even better machines for $199

Tiger Direct ROCKS!  I purchase from them frequently and I am totally M$ free.
No Internet Exploiter here.  Their site works just fine with Moz, Konq or Netscrape.  My guess is Galeon would be fine, too.  The problem is at your end.

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