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[K12OSN] local USB CF reader config

I have a Lead Data CU-DA1 Compact Flash card reader that I want to
access from a local workstation. 
I have installed and configured Paul Whittakers "Removable Media"
package from www.ltsp.org/contrib/index.php and now have access to local
floppy & CD via ftp which works well for me. Unfortunately I cannot find
any information on getting USB devices similarly recognised.

Here is the relevant (irrelevant) part of lts.conf
	RAMDISK_SIZE 	   = 2048
	RCFILE_01 	   = "rmedia"
	MODULE_01 	   = "usb-uhci"
	MODULE_02 	   = "usb-storage"
	RMEDIA_DEV01_NAME  = "floppy"
	RMEDIA_DEV01_PATH  = "/dev/floppy/0"
	RMEDIA_DEV02_NAME  = "cdrom"
	RMEDIA_DEV02_PATH  = "/dev/cdroms/cdrom0"
	RMEDIA_DEV03_NAME  = "cdrom1"
	RMEDIA_DEV03_PATH  = "/dev/cdroms/cdrom1"

I have a /dev/usb folder with nothing in it to refer to.

I can mount and access the reader when it is plugged directly into the
server no problem but I do not want to have to go to where the server is
to download my photo's.

Any and all help much appreciated.

Shaun Gilbert

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