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Re: [K12OSN] booting off cd-roms -- solved!

Hi Steve and Aaron.

I had the same problem on my Dad's brand new Compaq.

The CPQ CD-ROM 52X drive would go through 2+ cds from the standard RH7.3
install then clap out.

The brand new Diamond Data 40x drive didn't have nay problems.

Go figure.


On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 19:24, Steve Wright wrote:
> Aaron Leininger wrote:
> >Thanks for all the tips. It appears that the CD-ROM drive was not working
> >properly. I put a different drive in and things went fine. Not sure why it
> >could read well enough to boot up but not well enough to get the installer
> >to run...weird....
> >
> I have a CDROM drive that fails (during the install) differently again.. 
>  8-))
> I halts the install half way, with "file not found" or somesuch.  It 
> appears that once the drive has spun down, it accesses, recieves an 
> error, and gives up without retrying.
> IMO, this is an issue for the R/H installer (which I know zilch about), 
> since I never have a problem with the same drive in a working system.
> /steve
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