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[K12OSN] restating video problem

I am going to try to be a little clearer this time around since I got very
little response to this...

I have a server with an on-board video card. I used to run k12ltsp on it
under rh73. I did so with an ATI Rage 3D PCI video card added to the system.
Everything seemed happy. I have wiped it out and reinstalled a copy of
k12ltsp-beta running rh8.0. I am now having severe video issues. With the
ATI card plugged in, I get x-server crashing errors followed by a blue
text-based screen with garbled text and 2 garbled buttons. I can hit the
right most button bringing up another garbled screen. Hitting the right most
button on that screen drops me to a command prompt - based login.

If I remove the card and try to run off the built in card, I can get
x-windows started but it is nearly unusable. The colors are high enough but
there is some garbling of text and the resolution is quite low even though
gnome thinks it is set to run in 800x600.

The card detected by the install program appears to be the built-in card
irregardless of the fact that I have my monitor attached to the PCI card.
However, when I remove the PCI card, the hardware wizard dutifully removes
the configuration for that card.

I checked my BIOS and could not find a setting to disable the on-board card
from there. My motherboard is capable of running an AGP video card as well
but I don't have one available at this time. The BIOS does let me choose
between AGP and PCI and it is set to PCI at the moment.

I have tried several PCI video cards of different types with the same
results. The hardware wizard detects the insertion and removal of each card
correctly as far as I can tell but x-windows still refuses to start while
using any of these cards. I have also tried using a different PCI slot in
the vain hope that maybe the slot wasn't working right...again no
difference. I have tried 2 different monitors as well. The original one
rh7.3 was running on plus another one both of which can handle 1280x1024x32
bit color. This leads me to believe the problem is a conflict of some sort
between the onboard card and the PCI card. This "apparent" conflict did not
exist under rh7.3.

Does anyone have any idea what in the heck is going on here and how to
correct it? And can someone tell me why oh why was xconfigurator removed
from rh8? Were the RH developers that over-confident that the installer
would work for all video configurations?


Aaron Leininger BS, MCP
Network Administrator/Webmaster/Computer Technician
Tigard High School
Phone: 503.431.5454
Email: aleininger ttsd k12 or us

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