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[K12OSN] Help with updating the network driver of a boot image

Hi there all,

I'm very new to K12LTSP Ver 2 and is most impressed with what you guys have
been doing.

Some help if you could assist me updating the eepro100 driver for the remote
boot image is needed however. It would appear as if the LTSP is still using
an old eepro100 driver which still have the "wait_for_cmd_done" problem
which affect fast machines on a fast network.

I am familiar with make-nbi as I have some experience doing diskless boots
making use of pxe and etherboot. All I really need to know is which image
need to be replaced (obviously the eepro100.lzdsk) and the way to accomplish
this (i.e. the required parameters for make-nbi , rootdir=/opt/ltsp/i386)

I seem to get lost in the way LTSP is doing the tftp download so please
treat me as a newbie.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Anthon Walters

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