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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux listserv changes...

Paul Nelson writes:

> K12OSN:Hello Folks,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this.  I didn`t want to   'rock the

Open source and linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD & OpenBSD were created to break 
away from restrictive commercial control and to give control back to the
and provide choice.

I am really concerned about allowing commercial eneterprses with a self 
interest 'taking over' the K12 project.  Although RedHat is the
distribution used,
any Linux (or BSD for that matter) distribution can be used and could be
used in 
the future.

What is next, the web sites being hosted on RedHat ?

Why couldn`t a RedHat tech just join the list and contribute, without the
project losing control ?

I am sure it is in THEIR interest for a variety of commercial reasons to
or be seen to run the K12 project and later offer commercial 'support' to
Why do I say this ?
With redhat running the mailing list on their web site (out of our
control), any
newbie will think it is a redhat project especially with redhat being the
They get a lot of free adverytizing and prestige in this way.
Even when it`s explained that K12 is an indpendent school project created
by Paul
and others, the pople and media will still confuse the issue just the way
they assign 
the term 'open source'   to things that arn`t and think linux and BSD is
the same (it`s not).
So RedHat still get the credit.

Paul and his 'team' have done stalwart work in creating a   'turnkey'  
from the ltsp.org work, creating, setting up and updating the web site and
mailing list.  A magnificent achievement.
There are also many people willing to offer advice, support, in it`s many
time and experience permitting.

Basically, I don`t see why K12 is becoming the   'asset'  or   'in the
pocket'  of 
any commercial enterprise.  I don`t think this is a good move and should be
before more damage is done.


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