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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux listserv changes...

Dale Quigg writes:

> Marvin,
> I see your point and agree to a certain extent.
> However, when I see the amount of work that Paul and Eric have done, I'm
> just amazed.  Then, I wonder "How long can these guys keep this up?".  So in
> some ways, I see this as a positive.  I see RedHat providing some
> infrastructure and resources that should hopefully free up time for Paul and
> Eric.  This will allow them to either A) put more/better work into the K12OS
> or B) prevent them from burning out by reducing their load.
> I don't mind if a company supports/enhances a GPL project and charges for
> support.  I'm even glad to pay them for it because I know that A) I have a
> choice in who/how I pay  B) I know that they are doing work to
> improve/support the product C) I really would like free software to succeed.
> Dale
> My opinion and $3 will get you coffee at Starbucks.

A Starbucks shareholder ?  ;-)

ref company supports/enhances above :-

A)   You always had a choice anyway.  You can get a RedHat suport contract
B)   Not sure how.  RedHat does a distribution for everyone, ltsp is added,
some programs are added 
and deleted.  The base distribution doesn`t have to be RedHat. It just is
at the moment.
C)   So do we all but that`s not an issue.  Linux will survive without
RedHat as will ltsp and
the BSD`s. 

Appreciated the anwers though.


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