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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux listserv changes...

On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, marvin wrote:

>Yes, that`s true although not exactly the point I was making.  RedHat could
>do the same and create a web site and mailing list independently.
>I just don`t see why the mailing list is being handed over to them.  Too
>much bandwidth ?

Bandwidth is a trivial problem.

Engineering support & end-user support are the life and death of this project.

A HUGE amount effort is required to get something like this off the ground.
Most of that work was done by Red Hat and Jim McQuillan & co at LTSP. What
Paul and I have done is minor in comparision.

Linus Torvalds has said many times that the secret to his sucess is taking
credit for the work of others. Don't kid yourself that Paul and I are the
most important people in this project. 

"K12LTSP" started after I met Jim from LTSP at LinuxExpo Toronto. Jim took
a look at what I was working on and said something to the effect of "that is
crap, my stuff is better". I took a look at LTSP v2.0 (which had been released
about that time) and he was right, his work was far superior to what I was
doing. I immediately dumped what I was doing and started working with LTSP.

On the Red Hat side, they've been providing me great back-end tech support
in merging in the LTSP into their distribution. Jeff Johnson, for example,
has been quite blantant about breaking me of my bad design habits ;-)
Emily Ball, Johnathon Opp, Brian Gray, & many others have been a great help.
I'm still in hock for many, many beers to Malcolm Herber (hi Malcolm!)

K12LTSP v1.0 was a merge of Red Hat 7.1 and LTSP v2. K12LTSP v2.0 is based
on Red Hat 7.2 and LTSP v3. K12LTSP 2.0 was SIGNIFICANTLY easier to put 
together, largely due to the work of Red Hat and the LTSP developers.

In summary, Paul and I have been bugging the poor Red Hat folks to take
over the list for some time now. Our reasoning is two fold: 1) they deserve
a huge amount of credit, and 2) we'd really like them to help as much as 
possible so that the odds of the project being a long-term success are 

We've had promises from many of the Linux distributors, but Red Hat is the
only one has come through with tangible support. I certainly appreciate it.


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