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Re: [K12OSN] K12Linux listserv changes...

Paul or Eric... Correct me if I am wrong...

redhat is using mailman... which means that whoever was given
administration access to the list owns it... therefore redhat is only
providing the server and maintance and the list is still administered by
the core K12 group.


On Fri, 2002-02-15 at 19:57, marvin wrote:
> Brandon Dorman writes:
> > I too agree with Dale.  It's not like RedHat is maintaining the K12LTSP
> > packages now, even if they were anyone else (mandrake, Marvin, etc)
> > could take those packages from cvs or whatever and packeage them
> > yourself.  Because the packages are still all freely available.  Another
> Yes, that`s true although not exactly the point I was making.  RedHat could
> do the same and create a web site and mailing list independently.
> I just don`t see why the mailing list is being handed over to them.  Too
> much bandwidth ?
> I`d rather it stayed independent and go to http://sourceforge.net if that
> was the case.
> I already have mandrake 8.1 and lstp working but like I said, that was the
> point i was making.
> Regards...
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