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Re: [K12OSN] [K12Ltsp] k12ltsp server as an internet firewall / accesspoint

> Dear Folks,
> 	one of my expensive firewall / vpn / everything applaiances got

You don't say what the appliance is, that might help.
Also VPN covers quite a few different protocols.
(What is "everything"?)

> fried. i am not thrilled with spending money on a new one. i was thinking
> of putting a k12ltsp server in its place. any advice on config? (firewall

A large proportion of the k12ltsp stuff you simply won't need
or want for a firewall. Including the LTSP, X11 and applications...

You'd be better off starting with a generic Linux distribution
or even better something like Linux Router Project, Smoothwall, etc.

> set to strict, right?) any gotchas? i have t1 internet connect and a bunch
> of computers (40+) there.converting them to terminals is the next step.

40+ machines isn't much for any kind of firewall/router
built with generic PC components to handle. However being
an application server for 40+ client machines could be
a big strain, depending on exactly what you intend running
on them.

Mark Evans
St. Peter's CofE High School
Phone: +44 1392 204764 X109
Fax: +44 1392 204763

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