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[K12OSN] my latest experiment...authentication

Hi all,

I need some help.  We're currently on February vacation this week which
gives me the opportunity to "jury rig" and machine to try out as another
server for authentication.  I'm probably going to use RedHat and load NFS,
Samba, and Netatalk.  My project....to build a file server for all my
users that they can also use to authenticate and store home dirs on for
the K12LTSP server.  I'd like to keep the users data on a server other
than my LTSP server so I can "muck" around with the LTSP server as the
year goes on and not worry about screwing up peoples files and my user
lists.  I have Windows boxes (SAMBA), Mac boxes (Netatalk), and my soon to
be deployed K12ltsp terminals (NFS?), on my network.   I need all to be
able to access this server for simple file storage.  I will create a
netlogon.bat for my Windows users to have their home dirs automagically
map to drive "Y' for example.  I don't have too many Mac users...so they
can simply log in via Chooser.  So what's the best way to accomplish all
this.....and can anyone provide me with or point me in the direction of
some HOW-TO's to make it happen.  I've never worked with NFS before so
I'll need a little guidance on where to go to do exporting and stuff. 
(all my exporting on my E-Smith server is done with SAMBA)  Also....will
the users home directory that appears on the desktop in LTSP actually be
the home dir from the "new RedHat server"?  If not can I make that happen?
 I'm open to a lot of suggestions....I have time to experiment and would
like to do so starting on Tuesday a.m.   Thanks for your help!

PS  I know Chris Hobbs from Silver Valley has worked on this before....can
you help me too?  Chris?

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Coordinator
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask vcs u52 k12 me us

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