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Re: [K12OSN] Samba printing problem

On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Eric Harrison wrote:

>On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Jeff Davis wrote:
>>BTW, I will be updating to samba 2.2x, but since I use openldap for all my 
>>authentication on all my servers, I will probably have to wait until spring 
>>break to avoid downtime.

>I've been running 2.2.1a + patches for a while now. I'm going to update
>to 2.2.3 w/LDAP today. I'll keep notes & post my RPMs when I'm done.

The update to 2.2.3 went smooth. I have not tested w2k/xp domain logins
yet, I'll work on that Monday if I have time.

I'm going to assume that you already understand LDAP and all that jazz.
(huge assumption, but since you said you're using it already...)

I put all of the RPMS I used, the samba 2.2.3a LDAP schema, a sample LDIF,
and a utility (smbpassgen) to generate LanMan/NT password hashes here:


My RPM is built on Red Hat 7.2 & CUPS 1.1.14. If you are using a different
distro or printing system, you can grab my SRC rpm from here:


and run "rpm --rebuild samba-2.2.3a-20020206_ldap.src.rpm" to generate
a binary RPM for your system.

Next add the LDAP configuration info to your smb.conf, such as:

	ldap server = ldap.yourdomain.com
	ldap suffix = dc=yourdomain,dc=com
	ldap admin dn = cn=root,dc=yourdomain,dc=com
	ldap filter = (&(uid=%u)(objectclass=sambaAccount))
	ldap ssl = yes   # or no if your LDAP server is not setup for SSL
	ldap port = 636  # or 389 if you set "ldap ssl = no"

To set the password for the ldap admin dn, use the smbpasswd util with the -w 

	smbpasswd -w youradmindnpassword

The sample LDIF is a dump of my LDAP entry (with all of the juicy information
altered or removed, of course).

That was pretty much it. Since you are upgrading from Samba 2.0.x and I was
upgrading from Samba 2.1.x, it may not go as smoothly for you. It also helps
that Shamhs King, who wrote the initial code for the LDAP backend in Samba
2.2.3, works here at MESD with me ;-)


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