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Re: [K12OSN] [K12Ltsp] k12ltsp server as an internet firewall /access point

I agree that you can make cheap firewalls out of several packages but I
do think that K12LTSP can serve an effective role completely outside
schools, that of a home cable modem firewall/gateway, home file server,
print server, terminal server.

I'm doing this with my home PC and it works just fine. The default
install comes with a firewall that can easily be adjusted with
gnome-lokkit. The dual ethernet card defaults in K12LTSP work well for
cable modem users and you get to use all your old PC's as terminals.

I'm just happy as an open source clam with my home setup and it only
took a few minutes to get it going.

Perhaps our marketing focus for K12LTSP is all wrong...  :-^)

;-) Paul

On Sat, 2002-02-16 at 09:10, John McCreesh wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-02-15 at 01:47, Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> > Dear Folks,
> > 	one of my expensive firewall / vpn / everything applaiances got
> > fried. i am not thrilled with spending money on a new one. i was thinking
> > of putting a k12ltsp server in its place. any advice on config? (firewall
> [snip]
> LTSP is a very open design - it really expects that the people on it are
> a trusted community. Don't even think of connecting an LTSP setup to all
> those nasty people on the internet without a firewall. To me, that means
> a dedicated box - which could be a cheap PC running one of the
> Linux-based firewall packages.
> John
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