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Re: [K12OSN] squid no_cache statement

On Mon, 18 Feb 2002, Mark Orenstein wrote:

>We've been using squid for a couple of years (squidGuard for a few months).
>Now a requirement has come up to bypass the cache for about 6 URLS or a
>range of IP addresses.  I see a no_cache section in squid.conf currently
>#acl QUERY urlpath_regex cgi-bin \?
>#no_cache deny QUERY
>Can I just put the URL's into an ACL and use no_cache?
>For example,
>acl NEWAP urlpath_regex http://*.URL1.com http://*.URL2.COM ...
>no_cache deny NEWAP
>Is it possible to put an IP address range into this type of ACL?
>Mark Orenstein
>East Granby, CT School System

This is covered by the FAQ:


	For example, if you want Squid to connect directly to hotmail.com servers,
	you can use these lines in your config file:

	acl hotmail dstdomain .hotmail.com
	always_direct allow hotmail

As for using IP address ranges into ACLs, you'll find all of the different
flavors of ACLs here:


Since you stated that you are using squidGuard, also note that you have to
take different precautions if the domains are in your blacklist databases.
SquidGuard can manipulate the URL before squid sees it, so the squid ACLs
won't have an affect if the site is blocked. In this case, you'll have to
explicity remove the entry or explicity permit it.


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