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RE: [K12OSN] Installation Problems of K12LTSP - 2.0

I have a two card installation.  One is a D-Link and the other is a SMC.
Both are the same ones that I used with K12LTSP-1.1.  Both are working.  The
connection is solid.  

I am using a boot floppy on my clients.  I used to modify the dhcpd.conf
file to use BOOTP instead of PXE but the latest version of LTSP claims that
this is no longer necessary

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Subject: Re: [K12OSN] Installation Problems of K12LTSP - 2.0

Hi Bob,

Tell us more about your network configuration. If you're not using both
cards then we may have to make some minor tweaks to get things going.

;-) Paul

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 10:19, Karschnia, Bob [FRCO/RTC] wrote:
> When installing using the "Custom Option" the LTSP the installation
> work.  1st the LTSP configuration page is blank (no setup),
> and all of the protection data is wrong.  I filled these in and went to
> custom install page and selected everything (all packages).  The install
> completed but it seem goofy.  XWindows didn't start and none of the
> networking worked.
> I then went back and reinstalled using the default "LTSP Option".  It
> to install correctly but the connection to clients doesn't work.  I was
> using a boot floppy for legacy hardware under LTSP 1.1 and everything
> fine.  I found the "LTSP kitchen sink" thread on the archives and
> the updates but nothing improved.  The clients are still waiting at the
> part of the boot up.
> Any ideas?
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