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[K12OSN] Installation problems with K12LTSP-2.0 - IT WON'T INSTALL

Hi folks,

I sent a message thru yesterday, about install prblems with RC2.

Since then I have rsynced to the K12LTSP-2.0 images and tried and install 
from those.

I get the same crash.

It loads the two discs then tells me there is an unhandled exception, then 
mentions the IP address. I included a full dump of the 
problem in my previous message. That message is awaiting moderator 
approval, because it is too big.

The server I am trying to set up ran alright onversions right up to Beta6 
of v2.0. This problem has occured with RC2 and the full release.

I only have one NIC in the server, and suspect this is the cause of the 
problem. The installation doesn't allow any changes to DHCP, DNS and IP 

I know that things will fall into place, once I've got v2.0 on the server. 
The frustrating part is, it won't go on!

Help please,

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