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Re: [K12OSN] Installation problems with K12LTSP-2.0 - IT WON'TINSTALL

On Thu, 21 Feb 2002, Bert Rolston wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I sent a message thru yesterday, about install prblems with RC2.
>Since then I have rsynced to the K12LTSP-2.0 images and tried and install 
>from those.
>I get the same crash.

Please verify the MD5SUMs.

>It loads the two discs then tells me there is an unhandled exception, then 
>mentions the IP address. I included a full dump of the 
>problem in my previous message. That message is awaiting moderator 
>approval, because it is too big.
>The server I am trying to set up ran alright onversions right up to Beta6 
>of v2.0. This problem has occured with RC2 and the full release.

The first build of RC1 did have a bug that would crash the installer
if you only had one nic.

>I only have one NIC in the server, and suspect this is the cause of the 
>problem. The installation doesn't allow any changes to DHCP, DNS and IP 

This is definately not the problem that existed in the first build of RC1.

I'm leaning towards that you have a corrupted download. Please double-check
the MD5SUMs.

>I know that things will fall into place, once I've got v2.0 on the server. 
>The frustrating part is, it won't go on!

Well, even with that bug that was specific to the first build of RC1, you
could pick a "Custom" install (being sure to set eth0 to and it would work.


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