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Re: [K12OSN] 3com ISA NIC Booting


On Wednesday, February 20, 2002 7:20 PM Bert Rolston wrote:
> > The problem booting a LT client with the 3com 3C509B-TPO ISA NIC is
> > apparently not PC specific.
> I ran into this problem a little over a month ago. I couldn't get them to
> work either, so have put this problem into the "When I have some time"
> basket.

I just posted the configuration changes that you need to make in dhcpd.conf
to get an ISA NIC to remote boot (the 3c509 specifically).  It works great!
Thanks again to Jim McQuillan!

I'm a little over the top with LTSP trying to get clients running on the
oldest stuff I can find!  LOL!  The cool thing is, "Hey!  This stuff REALLY
works!"  I just need to get around to building a worthwhile server and
procuring a FastEthernet switch (not that it will do much good with those
old 3com NICs)....

> Perhaps it has to do with PNP. I can remember having difficulties with
> these cards in WIN95. Early versions had some problems later ones were OK.
> > On another note with the Compaq Prolinea 466 (which makes a decent
> terminal
> > when it works) using the 3com PCI 3C900-TPO NIC I needed to create a new
> > image from http://www.rom-o-matic.org/  enabling the following option to
> get
> > it to remote boot:
> >
> >     CONFIG_PCI_DIRECT (define this for PCI BIOSes that do not implement
> > BIOS32 or not correctly)
> >
> > Using this ROM image the client booted perfectly.
> I found that  one out at the same time. Perhaps this should be placed into
> a helpful hints section.

Yes, definitely.  Or if not that, I think that it would be *really* useful
to have something like ht://Dig to search the mailing-list archives.  Maybe
it is already available but if it is, I don't know where to find it...

> I liked it too. Do you know if automatic mouse detection works?
> I've read a little about XFree 86 and it should be able to detect
> meeces.
> I've got a mix of PS/2 and serial. At the moment I will be using serial,
> which means I have to replace some PS/2 rodents.
> When the balance swings in favour of PS/2 across campus I'll reconfigure
> the mouse setting in lts.conf.

Don't know.  I'm using strictly PS/2 mice.  No troubles with them at all...

James Jensen
jmsjnsn linuxfreemail com

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