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[K12OSN] Strange error message and boot failure.


I'm trying to set up a k12ltsp environment but have stumbled on a
strange error not mentioned in any documentation. The client
screen is spamming the following error message:

Warning: nested '[' in setup file
Warning: unmatched ']' in setup file

This hints that there is an syntax error in lts.conf, however,
after using the dear method of trial and error I have found that
the boot process does not come as far as to load lts.conf.

tail -f /var/log/messages shows that the client indeed sends a
boot request and also gets a reply. The client also shows that it
begins to boot over bootp, but soon starts to spam the error
message described above. Also, the client get an ip-number from
the dhcpd if booted as a standalone client (that is when not
booted over bootp but configuring network with dhcp).

The client hardware is somewhat odd. It is a thin client called
axus (http://www.axus.com.tw/). The cpu is a cyrix mediagx chip
and the NIC is a realtek rtl8139.

Anyone that have had the same problem? If so, could you hazard a
guess on what is wrong? Any clue, speculation or hint is

Hans Davidsson                   hans davidsson codefactory se
CodeFactory AB                   http://www.codefactory.se/
Office: +46 (0)90 71 86 14       Cell: +46 (0)70 363 66 99

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