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[K12OSN] Fix for the blurry fonts on ThinkNIC

Recently, there has been alot of chatter on the LTSP and K12
mailing lists about the fonts on the ThinkNIC computer when used
with LTSP.  A comment was made, that when the ThinkNIC boots from
the CD, the fonts are better.  So, I grabbed the CD iso image
from the NIC site and took a look at how they did it.

It turns out that the ThinkNIC CD uses a different Xserver.  They
are using the Xvesa Xserver which is part of the
XFree86 Xkdrive/TinyX package.

I built a new Xvesa Xserver package that can be installed on an
LTSP server that will clear up the blurry fonts/graphics problems.

The package is available on the LTSP.org download page and it is
called ltsp_x_xvesa-3.0.0-i386.tgz

Currently, the package is only available in TGZ format, as the
package includes a replacement of the rc.local script which
is normally part of the ltsp_core package.  RPMS are not supposed
to replace files that belong to other packages, therefore
I didn't build the rpm.

I've posted a simple set of instructions for installing the
package.  The URL is:


I've heard back from 2 people so far who claim that it helps quite
a bit.  So, with a bit of luck, it should work for you too.

I'll be offline Friday evening through Monday morning, so
if you have any problems or questions, please direct your questions
either to the ltsp-discuss mailing list or the #ltsp IRC channel
on irc.openprojects.net.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

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