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Re: [K12OSN] This should be easy but I am stumped.

Here's what I use to check on IMAP mail use. Change the directory to suit.
Nobody gets into the G range (thank goodness!) so 'grep'ing for M gives me
everybody w/ more than 1024K, sort them, and look at the top ten.

du -sh /var/spool/imap/user/* | grep M | sort -gr | head

The other posters are right though, du shouldn't be that slow. It takes around

13 seconds for the above to run on our ~400 mailboxes even when I preface it

nice -n 19

-Dan Young

Jamie McParland wrote:

> Well I almost feel silly for asking but after looking at the man pages and
> args for du and df I am still stumped.
> Example: I need to find out the size of /home/jamie directory.
> Df -h just gives me the sizes of the file system and du seems to crawl
> through every freaken file under the directory I am at. Does any one have
> any clue?
> Thanks
> Jamie
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