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Re: [K12OSN] Mouse Copy and Paste problems

Just a followup:

I installed Cygwin with XFree86 on an NT box I have and connected to the
k12 Server with that machine. I was able to use the mouse wheel for

But if I connect to the k12 server with a k12 client machine, no middle

Can I assume then that it is an issue with the lts.conf file since the
Cygwin connection did not use k12?

Stephen J. Lawrence Jr. wrote:

> Hi all. I am having a problem with copy and paste on client machines.
> When I am logged into the server I can copy/paste just fine by
> highlighting text, then clicking down on the wheel to paste using my
> Intellimouse.
> But when I boot up a client with the same mouse, I can no longer
> copy/paste. I have tried changing nearly every file I can think of,
> including the lts.conf file. No luck.
> Any pointers?

Stephen Lawrence Jr. - Programmer
slawrence ucdavis edu
California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System, UC Davis

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