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[K12OSN] Star Office 6.0 1st impressions...

Greeting All hope Summer projects are starting to take shape where ever you are.

Just a few quick impressions on StarOffice 6.0 which arrived for me Thursday...
(Yes I know we can get it for FREE but I wanted a copy for home to test it out)
- - Good - -
amazon.com $90 US next day delivery
One CD holds linux, Solaris and Windows versions
Runs with OK speed on a 266Mhz with 128MB of RAM
Easy install on my windows and linux home boxes (watch env. variables in your autoexec.bat from the install program)
Basically its OpenOffice 1.0 so far...which is good good good.
I have not done a server install via Linux/Netware yet...
Installation Manual.
Good section on drawing tools in the manual :)
Manual comes on the CD as a PDF -
The web export in Impress is still very very easy vs. PowerPoint.
- - Bad - -
Medium user manual...guys (Sun) your manual should highlight the cool things that the database connectivity/import piece and spreadsheet program can accomplish NOT the boring, boring, boring word processing stuff...Star and OO better be able to do the WP stuff or don't bother trying...You have to "KO" the champ to beat'em.
3D import of 3D objects in the clipart cause my screen to go black on a Voodoo5500 with 64MB of RAM win98se...just a glitch.

That's it.

Tom Ventresco

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