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Re: [K12OSN] Basic question

James Vasey wrote:

Are the smart ass approach, when you log off it brings you to the login
screen, which does not have a shutdown /turn off button, which means they
have to turn off at the front of the machine, not what we want to teach them
as there are also 150 windows PC's which we're not keen on them learning bad
habits, by turning straight off.

With PCI/APM terminals, it shouldn't be hard to halt them all with a cron job.

8:52am User turns machine on, logs in.

2:54pm User logs out.

4:50pm crond starts "client-shutdownd"

ignore always-on clients
ignore logged-in clients
shutdown others;  Did we get them all ?  Nope - try again in an hour.
been trying for 9 hours ?  Give up, email sysadmin.


I thought about writing this, but I don't have APM clients.. 8-) old 486s.

I *Would* like to *ReBoot* any terminal from the root console, for maintenance purposes - that would be useful.. but I'm not sure how to do this securely.
use ssh? Put key in /opt/ltsp/


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