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Re: [K12OSN] SquidBlock Community Idea

On Sat, 29 Jun 2002, Warren Togami wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I had an idea to create a community website with PHP and MySQL that would
>allow users to create accounts and submit URL's for inclusion into a
>squidGuard blacklist.  I envision this to have the following features:

I started work on such a project a while ago, but never got around to
making it work. The benefits were just not great enough for me to justify
the efforts at the time - it eventually died of attrition.

I do REALLY like the ability to pick-and-choose who I pull my updates from,
having a database that I could run queries against would be great!  I could
pull down full list from sources I trust, and selectively pull from sources
I don't trust.

I do this on a course-grained scale now, I've had really great results pulling
down the full blacklists from Toulouse & Pfaffenhofen:


(I also pull in this list: http://oii.org/html/porn-napping.shtml)

There have been a couple other lists that I have pulled down in the past
where the quality has not been adequite for my purposes: too many "cnn.com"'s
and "msn.com"'s blocked which make my users grumpy (which in turn makes me

This is by far the best "feature" of SquidGuard/Dan's Guardian, the ability
to switch "blacklist vendors" without having to switch technologies, re-
design the network, buy new servers, etc, etc. Just make a quick tweak to
a shell script and move on with life ;-)


>* Users create accounts, initially with very limited privileges.
>* Many database categories.
>* Moderation in anonymous voting for domains or URLs within the database.
>* Karma point system to identify users of varying degrees of trust.  Gain
>karma by reporting well and not receiving bad votes.  We also give high
>karma to users that we know and trust.  (People active on the K12Linux
>mailing lists for starters.)
>* Higher karma means you can enter more database entries per day, more
>votes, higher weighted votes.
>* Meta-moderation votes on the validity of votes made by other users
>(anonymous like Slashdot.)
>* Users with many erroneous database additions are flagged by bad karma, and
>their abusive changes can be rolled back within the database.
>* Users with an erroneous voting record can also be flagged by poor
>meta-moderation scores.  Their votes can then be rolled back within the
>* Each blacklist entry has an associated score as an average of votes.  This
>way sysadmins can set a certain "threshold" number for their nightly
>blacklist updates.  This can allow for varying degrees of conservativism
>through liberalism.
>I want to make this SquidGuard blacklist a very open community project that
>allows constant dynamic change, but tries to minimize abuse through user
>self-moderation somewhat like Slashdot.  The initial database would be
>imported from the current MESD blacklist as owner "Robot", and new robot
>gathered URL's can be added dynamically as part of nightly maintenance.
>What do folks think about this idea?  Is anyone interested helping the
>coding project of this site?
>Warren Togami
>warren togami com

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