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Re: [K12OSN] Configuring video for terminal

Jimmy Schwankl wrote:
> The video as seen on the terminal is HUGE and therefore the login text
> fields are off screen.  There are no scrollbars so the fact that the
> mouse can move around in the bit of window that is there doesn't help.
> What settings do I need to change?  I assume I change them at the
> server.  Can I force the server to hand out windows of a certain size
> (800 x 600 or 640 x 480)?

You can set that in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf.

[root linuxts1 etc]# more lts.conf
# Config file for the Linux Terminal Server Project (www.ltsp.org)

        SERVER             =
        XSERVER            = auto
        X_MOUSE_PROTOCOL   = "PS/2"

<snip stuff for brevity>

# Example of specifying X settings for a workstation

        XSERVER            = XF86_SVGA
#        XSERVER            = XF86_Mach32
        X_COLOR_DEPTH      = 8			<< 256 colors on this box
        X_MODE_0           = 800x600		<< 800x600 mode
#        LOCAL_APPS         = N
#        USE_NFS_SWAP       = Y
#        SWAPFILE_SIZE      = 32m
        RUNLEVEL           = 5

I think X always tries to set up for the highest resolutions it thinks
is supported by the card and monitor. The rc.setupx file looks like it
would default to X_MODE_0 of 1024x768, X_MODE_1 of 800x600, and X_MODE_2
of 640x480 if they are deemed supported. I've had to use this to limit
resolution on junky monitors but I'm not sure what kind of luck you'll
have trying to increase resolution beyond what X detects is supported.

Mike Rambo
mrambo lsd k12 mi us

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