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[K12OSN] Edit Please!

Dear Friends,

A polite suggestion:
When replying to a post, please take time to edit the quoted stuff.  Delete 
everything that is not relevant to your reply before clicking on send.  Also, 
turn off html in your email software.  It is just basic listserver courtesy.

I am very interested in following the threads of discussions, but I get tired 
of scrolling through 100s of lines of >>>> with text that I have seen many 
times before!

The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), and in particular K12LTSP, is a real 
boon for those of us implementing computer labs in schools, churches, etc.  
What is so wonderful is that it simply works!  Or is that it works simply?

I just setup six workstations in our church library using ThinkNIC terminals 
running off a dual athlon server with 1 gig memory.  Each workstation has a 
new 17" Viewsonic E70 monitor.  We access the Internet via cable modem. Total 
cost of the system is under $4,000.  Each additional workstation will cost 
around $500 with monitor.  It is fast, secure and easy to maintain.  Having 
squidGuard automagically setup and do nightly updates was a special bonus. 
Our youth love it and I am preparing to introduce some of our computer-phobic 
elders on how to surf the net, do email, etc.  I even found a really easy to 
use bible program that runs under Linux: Sword / Bibletime.  Is this great or 

Blessings on those who have worked so hard to make it this easy.

Dr. Daniel Loomis
El Dorado, Arkansas
dloomis cox-internet com

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