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Re: [K12OSN] upgrading to 2.1

Worst case: 

You have /home backed up and you do a fresh install and then have to
re-do all the other installs. (i.e. Real Audio etc...)

This is not a bad thing as I almost always do it better the second or
third time around... ;-)

Best case: 

You have things backed up in case you have to go to the worst case but
you boot with the cd-rom and select "upgrade" instead of install. In
many cases this works just fine. Give it a spin. I know Eric and I have
done this on several machines. It all depends on which version you are
coming from. Later versions of K12LTSP will work better.

;-) Paul

On Thu, 2002-07-04 at 04:53, Steve Wright wrote:
> Hi,
> Before my (imminent) upgrade, I have backed up /home and some stuff in 
> /etc, but what will become of other various bits I have added on ?
> Will I have to re-install other RPMs that are not bog-standard 
> K12LTSP-2.1  ?
> I'm a bit worried about this, since there are quite a few other add-ons, 
> that I have, er, added on.
> Comments ?
> regards,
> Steve
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