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[K12OSN] update

Sorry if this is redundant or just plain stoopid, but I;ve been away from the list.
I understand there is an update to the OS.
Is this installable (good word, huh?) from the ftp server, or should I download and burn a disc?

Also, I still have the OpenOffice.org .641  I would prefer to uninstall the old version, since I have 1.1.1, but I'm a little clueless.  I don't want to mess up the new version by removing the wrong stuff.
any ideas?

Tell the truth, I use kword or abi to create most text anyway, because they seem to print better, but I really need the swappability (another good one, huh?  poetic license, I'm an English teacher) with Micro$lop docs.

Aside, any sugegstoins for a good financial app?  I am trying out kmymoney2, but open to suggestions.  Will I spend a week hunting down dep libs for gnucash?


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