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[K12OSN] toast

How can I get a toatser oven server?
That is the coolest!  That kid should market that!  
Or, start a non-profit to build them for schools.

Now, the instructions for burning the ISO to disc only address burning in Windows.
I can do  that fine with Adaptec.
What I want is to be freed from teh capitalist pig Micro$oft.
How can I burn it using cdrecord or whatever is on K12os is the question.
Of course, I just discovered cdrecord last night, so I have not really read the Man pages.  I hve been wanting to burn in linux.
I had been rebooting windows everytime someone orders an OpenOffice.org disc, or when I want to burn some tunes, etc.  
If I can burn discs, I will be so close to being able to relegate the windows partition to my daughters Pooh Bear games and stuff and do ALL my work with Linux.

Oh...I would like to be able to create slicker documents, but I suppose more work with OpenOffice.org and I should be able to parallel M$Publisher docs at the very least.
Twixt Abi, Koffice and OpenOffice.org I am getting close.  I need to work on my Gimp skills, too.


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