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Re: [K12OSN] toast

At 10:44 AM 7/4/2002, you wrote:
I should be able to parallel M$Publisher docs at the very least.

M$Publisher is a unique file format (surprise!), and to the best of my knowledge, nothing reads and writes that format except Publisher.

IF the question is that of creating complex layouts for documents (at least from a WYSIWYG editor - i.e. Framemaker/Pagemaker/Quark type stuff), then the only LINUX option I currently know of is GoBe Productive, and absolutely superb (according to the reviews - I don't have a copy, being "income challenged" since before the product release), very easy to use, Windows (today) and LINUX (soon) based desktop publishing tool, albeit for $75 (for both!). The metaphor is a piece of paper, regardless of what you want to create, and the tool set changes based on what you need to do (no separate programs for each function). It also reads MSWord stuff, and writes MSWord (as long as you don't do things beyond MSWord's capability - something easy to do).

It was created by the ex-Appleworks folks for the BeOS, when Apple's Gassee started Be. Now that BeOS is a Palm company, the GoBe folks ported the code to LINUX and Windows.

Anyone with updated info on this would be appreciated - my affiliated school has a BUNCH of Publisher stuff, and have taken to rekeying what is needed....


BTW: Just a footnote on StarOffice 5.2 - the reason for the much maligned dedicated desktop is that a version was initially created to run in a server centric mode on JAVA-based terminals that did not have a local GUI.

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